Capitol Care

Capitol Care South has become a leader in servicing the comprehensive behavioral health needs of individuals since 2006. Capitol Care South believes that mental health is an essential ingredient in the quality of life. People who suffer with mental health concerns and other co-occurring disorders are capable of a rewarding life. The two main components of mental health are emotional well-being and rewarding interpersonal relationships. The staff at Capitol Care South believe that these skills are important for a rich and fulfilling life.

Through its evolution, Capitol Care South has worked to develop its comprehensive recovery program based upon the beliefs that informed choice, personal empowerment, advocacy of the inclusionary rights of all people and responsible and flexible supports are essential when working with our individuals. Therefore, the program utilizes a biopsychsocial paradigm emphasizing the strengths of each individual and enhancing his/her sense of personal development to achieve the highest degree of ability possible. Capitol Care South has a vested interest in providing its services to a wide range of individuals including those who have been resistant to previous services, have chronic mental health hospitalizations or have had difficulty with addictions. Capitol Care South provides the structure and intensity necessary to meet the needs of individual engaged in any of our services.

Capitol Care South also values the importance of the interconnectedness between an individual and his/her community. Our Agency assists the individual in identifying and utilizing natural supports systems and community resources outside of Capitol Care South to enhance overall wellness.