Alabama Mental Health – Alabama Partial Hospitalization Program

Capitol Care South is certified by the State of Alabama Department of Mental Health.

Our Mission:

Capitol Care South is committed to safely providing positive and supportive quality care promoting individual recovery and community wellness.


Capitol Care South has been assisting individuals in the Birmingham area in achieving wellness through the presence and guidance of quality staff and the development of interpersonal skills since 2006. Through its evolution, Capitol Care South has worked to develop its comprehensive recovery program based upon the beliefs that informed choice, personal empowerment, advocacy of the inclusion rights of all people, and responsible, flexible supports are essential when working with a person with a psychiatric disability. Therefore, the program utilizes a biopsychosocial paradigm emphasizing the strengths of each individual and enhancing his/her sense of personal development to achieve the highest degree of ability possible. Capitol Care South has a vested interest in providing its services to a wide range of adults (18 and over) including those who have been resistant to previous services, have chronic mental health hospitalizations or have had difficulty with substance misuse. Capitol Care South provides the structure and intensity found in inpatient psychiatric programs but meets the needs of those who do not require 24 hour inpatient care.

Capitol Care South also values the importance of the interconnectedness between an individual and his/her community and thereby assists the individual in identifying and utilizing natural supports systems and community resources outside of Capitol Care South to enhance overall wellness .

The Treatment Program:

To achieve our mission, Capitol Care South offers a full range of services to meet the distinct and complex needs of our individuals. These services include the provision of services through the case management of each individual, recreational activities, prevocational management, clinically intensive group processes and psychiatric monitoring and care. Through the procurement of such services, the individual is provided a structured, clinically intensive, person centered treatment milieu. Capitol Care South offers its services Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Capitol Care South, Behavioral Health AL, develops an individualized recovery plan by working with a comprehensive treatment team including a clinical program director, team of professional case managers and program coordinators at the Bachelors and Master’s level, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, as well as a professionally trained team of group facilitators to address everyday clinical, inter and intrapersonal psychiatric and behavioral issues. The length of stay at the program varies depending on the individual’s needs.

Therapeutic Services:

The primary components may include:
• Individual Supportive Counseling
• Addictions Group
• Creative Arts Group
• Psycho-Educational Groups
• Recreation Activities
• Case Management and Service Procurement
• Symptom Identification and Management
• Wellness and Recovery Groups


Case Management:

Capitol Care South provides case management services to assist individuals with improving and maintaining functioning and quality of life. Individual’s service needs will be evaluated and assessed, and include:
• Referral and access to providers
• Consumer advocacy
• Crisis intervention
• Transportation assistance
• Monitoring of progress
• Link to community resources



Individual Programming


Who Would Benefit from this Program?

The program is designed to serve adults who have recently had a psychiatric hospitalization and are in need of structured care in a community setting. The goal of this program is to provide acute symptom remission and to prevent future hospitalization.



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For more information, please call us at (205) 956-2000.