“This is a good place to learn about your mental illness. It is also a pretty good place to interact with others who share the same problems you have. What I like best about CCS is the teachers and the classes we take. Sometimes the classes are fun and we do many activities that are helpful to us. What I think is most helpful to me is the different exercises and worksheets we do that have to do with our mental illness. Also the group treatment part of the program is also helpful.”

- Markus


"I have always heard good words from everyone at Capitol Care South. I will forever be thankful for all the support and help I receive every day."

- Mark

"I like getting out of the house, I like the people here, I like the food and I like the groups. I think Capitol Care South is a worthwhile program. It helps me by therapy and groups and to see a doctor for my medication. It teaches me about new ways to deal with symptoms of my illness."

- Tim

“I enjoy seeing Melanie. I wouldn't want another therapist. I like being able to talk to her (Melanie) about things I can't talk to my husband and family about."

- Patricia


“Capitol Care South is a good place to remedy the issues that we have. I am looking forward to improving my independent living skills as I also continue to work towards my recovery goal.”

- Charles

“Well, I like the exercises, dancing, and work. It helps you have more fun. We have different parties and get to go different places. It makes me happy to have fun.”

- Diane


“I enjoy coming to Capitol Care South and learning to read and write better. I enjoy learning about how to get along with myself, my friends, and my family.”

- Sylvester


“Capitol Care South is a good program. I have been coming here for 4 years. I like the classwork, especially the educational part. I also enjoy the work readiness program.”

- Warren


"I like Capitol Care South and enjoy coming here. I find the educational classes the most helpful and enjoy doing the worksheets the best. I like communicating with my peers and think the lunches are good."

- Connie